? Linda Abar - Singer, Songwriter, Teacher

In the fall of 2013 Linda began having trouble singing. She had to cancel several gigs and not book shows she would normally do. She had to wait to see a specialist as her insurance policy would not cover it.
Linda AbarIn the new year she finally saw an ENT who found that, while her vocal chords and vocal production were perfect, an underlying chronic muscle tension problem (due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) had moved into the front of her neck making it difficult for her to use her voice. There was also a lump in the side of her neck that she had had for years, but now got an MRI and biopsy. The lump turned out to be a benign tumor that, left in the body, would grow and potentially become cancerous. The lump was also aggravating the jaw and neck muscles involved in singing and needed to be removed.

Thanks to all of the generous donations people made Linda was able to go into this experience with less stress, focusing on getting through the surgery and recovering.

In May of 2014 the tumor was successfully removed and all were hopeful for a speedy recovery, but alas part of the surgery involved cutting and moving a neck muscle that attaches at the jaw. This caused significant and lasting complications to the functioning of Linda’s jaw and neck, which unfortunately made the rehabilitation process much longer and more costly. Some weeks Linda was seeing three practitioners a week and most were not covered by insurance. Added to that, the deterioration of her digestive system due to all the stress and taking antibiotics for the surgery and infections afterwards. This has created more medical complications and expenses. AHHHH!!!!!

The blessing is that the discovery was made that digestive issues are a part of the inflammatory process that is/was affecting Linda’s ability to sing. Hope is in sight, but there is more healing work to do.

For this reason we are asking you for help to keep our songstress singing by contributing to her ongoing medical care. All donations are more than welcome and received with great gratitude including your prayers and faith that Linda will recover fully and get back to creating her next recording! There are stacks of songs waiting to be sent out into the world. Thank you so much for any help you can offer in helping this beautiful artist fulfill her purpose. We cannot do this alone.